We can only run wild in your memories,

Cos that’s the only place I know….

You will set us free…

Still paying for a crime I didn’t commit…


So afraid to love,

Love’s your enemy,

So you won’t face the truth or our reality;

I was made for you and you were made for me…


I hear you can’t sleep, 

Now that I’m away,

Sleeping pills and drinks…

to keep the pain at bay…


I’m not the other girl

That you talked about

I’ll never break your heart

or ever leave your side…


That is why I wait in your memories …

Till you set me free that is where I’ll be,

Will you keep me locked for eternity?

Throw away the key and be done with me?


Will you keep me locked for eternity?

to pay for a crime I didn’t commit…







Beautiful Bird


Beautiful bird,

In a jeweled cage…

where she sits all day,

glorious feathers the color of the sun,

holding hands with the moon,

who wishes her to stay

don’t leave me he says…

don’t leave me…

Its you and I always,

Just you and I…




I found your photograph,

saw the way we used to laugh..

We had no issues,

Its got me missing you…


Remember that time in Santa Ray…

When we laughed and danced all day

It was just me and you

felt too good to be true…


I just heard your favorite song

and i wondered were we wrong?

why did we walk away…

why didn’t I choose to stay?


Till this day I can’t forget

All these memories in my head

days filled with longing and regret

thoughts of the love we could’ve shared…


Do you still remember me?

and the way we used to be…

Young and so carefree,

Do  you miss me?






He looks me in the eyes

And he tells me that he’s mine

Fills my heart with butterflies

Because I know that he is mine


Beneath the sky that’s as dark as night,

While the moon shines so bright,

Silent words, beating hearts,

finally, together our souls mate…


As we lay in love’s valley,

Open fields with blood red roses,

Two Hearts, one mind,

Forever intertwined…


The earth trembles,

Birds sing,

My heart dances,

Yes it seems we are destined to  be…

Midnight Blues

I I try to close my eyes
But I can’t sleep
It’s when I realize
This runs deep…

Playing my favorite songs
Ella, Ed and all the rest…
Counting sheep from 1 to 10
Midnight blues that’s what comes next…

No I am not missing you
I never do
No I don’t want you here
Simply midnight blues…


I just wanna sit and watch the stars

Forget about the world and who I am

I don’t wanna think, not even dream

I just want to be me…


Life ain’t always good, that I know

It will throw you bricks; Just build a home

Don’t worry about the wounds, cause all things heal

Forget about inconsequential things…


Every step I take, I’m looking back

Should I ply this route or go ahead,

But I’ll never know until I try

I just want to be free…


Life always seems so complicated,

Every single thing is simply overrated,

Just take each day as it comes,

Love, Live, just be…


Swimming in the ocean
Trying to count the stars…
It seems I’ve lost my inspiration
Muse come help me find my way…

I want to see in color,
Vivid hues no grey
Will you be my paint brush?
We’ll paint this town red

I can’t see the rainbow
A hundred times I’ve tried
All my strokes without you
Remain in black and white…

Come and fill my senses
Come and open up my mind
No doubt you must be magic
You move me without trying…

Castle with Glass Doors

Trapped in a castle with glass doors

Transparent blindfolds

Candy chains that tie me to you

I can leave but won’t do

I can’t breathe still choose you


Simply nothing to loose.

Inside this castle we built

Mind jaded by broken cupid

Can never tell if its sunshine,

rainstorms or hurricanes

Oblivious, I still remain…

I still remain.
Tear stains, are bold red

Heart beat has faltered

Can’t sleep but I dream

Can’t see but I see you

I’m free but I still remain…

I still remain.

Will they remember you?

We came here with nothing,
We will leave with nothing,
The world won’t stop,
When it’s time to get off…

We fight, we argue,
We hustle, we dream,
We forget to be,
We forget to breathe!

Money, power, success,
We want it all!!!
Forget God, love and kindness,
What we are really here for…

We seem to always want more,
Chasing a never ending list of things,
More money, more power, more, success,
More, more, more…

Till He says, time to go,
No luggage allowed,
Your time is up!
Forget your clothes!

Will they remember you?
Ten years later,
Those brand new shoes
Your brand new life…

Will they remember you?
The ones you left behind,
Will they pray for you?
Or be glad that you are gone?

Will they remember you?

The End

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